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In the week ending on Labor Day, in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada in the United States, a festival called Burning Man takes place. In 2000, David Best created a temple for the festival—a space for grieving and spirituality. Apparently a void in the Burning Man experience, the Temple has become a centerpiece of the festival every year since. "The Man" is an art piece that is burned during a bacchanal on Saturday night. The Temple is a much more respectful affair, and it is burned to the ground on Sunday night.

The Temple of Seasons is a hypothetical temple that is intended to mimic a tree. At the beginning of the event, the Temple of Seasons would be empty as a tree in winter. Participants can add their messages to it on leaves. As the event proceeds, the leaves will fill out the tree. The participants will hopefully become attached to the Temple as it is through adding the leaves that brings it to life—each person who does so is part of its life. This participation is intended to create a sense of kinship to the Temple so that everyone can share in the emotional impact of its fiery destruction.

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