Why a tree?

Trees are have been sanctuary to humans for as long as both have coexisted. Trees provide shade from the hot sun as well as shelter from wind and rain. Climbing a tree, one can escape predators and obtain a view of surrounding terrain. They exude sublime beauty—from the structure of a single leaf to the competitive harmony of a forest, they have been inspiration for artists for all time.

We have mimicked these features in our shelters and lookouts, using the very wood of the tree as raw material. Taming fire, wood was our first fuel source, changing the way we interacted with the world.

But through the most recent centuries, we have lost our respect and reverence for our friend the tree. We treat it as a resource—to be harvested, burned, wasted, farmed, sold, and consumed. We have disconnected ourselves from the life that is the trees. Trees have become a disposable commodity.

But only once we cut down the last tree will we realize our error—and we will build an artificial totem to try and recreate the trees. That is this Temple. Made of the wood of dead trees, we will it to life.

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