Why is it "The Temple That Won't Ever Be"?

There's no way this will ever come to fruition. I (Zhust) am just doing it as a design exercise.

First, it would require a committed leadership team of five to ten people, of whom I know zero. I'm surly and petty and have no business leading anyone.

Second, it there are insurmountable practical concerns. Designing such a structure in ideal circumstances (where a solid foundation is possible, for instance) would be a challenge to any architect. Building it on the Playa is out of the question.

Finally, the most difficult parts are what I consider absolutely necessary for the construction: that it be a free-standing tree-like structure which people would climb upon, and which would burn in such a way that it would spontaneously collapse. If any of those critical aspects can't be met, it's not the Temple I envisioned, and I'd want no part in creating.

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